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Are you required to employ the disabled?

  • If you have more than 20 employees, so the answer is YES !
  • according to the law, any company of the total number of employees employ 3.2% of disabled people,
  • if you don’t employdisabled people and you should, you pay mandatory contributions for any disabled person that you should employ.

What we offer to an employer?

Take advantage of the beauty salon and health WELLNEA in Senec, or directly at your premises and

  • you do not have to employ disabled people
  • you do not pay the required fee to the State (ie. Substitutory fulfillment),
  • will use your Social Fund and get interesting social program for employees up to 100 Euros cheaper than of compulsory levies and save twice !!!

Choose from our selection of any service now – you will surely find something suitable for you.

Or decorate yourself with our silver or gold jewelry with Swarovski crystals… Even custom   :)

Take advantage of an exceptional offer of a sheltered workshop WELLNEA and get substitutory fulfillment, interesting services of their choice !

Swarovski crystal - hand made

What are the possibilities of using the services of our sheltered workshop ?

We offer the following options:

  • you can use our free service by purchasing vouchers worth 30, 40, 100 € or in your chosen value for your employees and ordered individually in our salon in Senec
  • if necessary our staff can travel to your workplace at a specified time (eg. Pre-Christmas week massage right at you in the company, etc.).

Have more questions ? Contact us and everything will be explained.

PhDr. Elena Kopcová, PhD.
co-owner and managing director WELLNEA Ltd.
Phone: +421 907 154 601

Noru Horváthovú
co-owner and managing director WELLNEA Ltd.
Phone: +421 905 934 384

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As a social project operate from 20. 4. 2009 and employs six people with disabilities. This is possible thanks to the support of employers, who have chosen to support us, as well as support from the European Social Fund under the Operational Programme Employment and Social Inclusion (NP II – 2 Promoting employment of people with disabilities).

Support our sheltered workshop too and save your money…

Thank you for your favour !

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WELLNEA is open:
Mo – Fri: 7.00 – 20.00 hour
Saturday: 7.00 – 14:00 hour
Find us:
Salon WELLNEA Senec
Lichnerova 41
903 01 Senec
Passage Helios 1, pedestrian zone in centre,
opposite the Tatra banka

Phone: +421 903 415 220