In Slovakia, a total of more than 5,000 sheltered workshops, which employ around 11,000 different people with disabilities. These sheltered workshops

  • produce different products (eg. Christmas cards, woven carpets and dining table setting, candles etc.) or
  • provide various services (beauty salon, marketing surveys, catering, etc.).

Public funding for supporting sheltered workshops cover a maximum of 50% of their costs. The rest sheltered workshops cover themselves either of their other social activities (social rehabilitation, social services, 2% from tax, charitable contributions, etc.) or by selling their products and services. They carry these not only the public but also to companies.

Since sheltered workshops usually lead managers of social (social workers, work psychologists), most of them are transformed social service facilities that primarily serve to assist the disabled in their personal growth. Most sheltered workshops did not employ them or helped them in earning. Management of sheltered workshops normally can not do marketing campaigns, PR activities or build income of sheltered workshops in revenues from the public, and so they remain isolated „charities“ with sporadic contact of the disabled employees with healthy population.

Swarovski crystal - hand made

While there is no common superior authority over all sheltered workshops in Slovakia, which would help them defend their interests and trying to really set incentive policies conducive to the employment of disabled people, as well as helping to develop sheltered workshops on sound economic foundations, which necessarily includes the promotion.

Central Register of sheltered workshops the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family. It unfortunately does not do any activities beyond their own responsibility. Few people also know about payments and compulsory insurance companies for the employment of disabled people. If you have more than 20 employees, you are required to employ at least one disabled and this limit is the increasing number of employees increases.

Do you know, what are your other obligations but also the possibilities? What can you get if you just won’t pay the fine to the state, which is also higher than the payment to selected sheltered workshop ?

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