Each organization in Slovakia, which has more than 20 employees is obliged to employ 3.2% of disabled people. Fortunately, however, the employer has three options:

  • employer must fulfill participation of disabled employees throughout the year, for example with maybe 20 employees, it is one disabled and at minimum wage comes employer approximately 12 x € 400 = € 4,800.
  • not employ disabled people, but to pay a fee to the State – for the year of € 977 per disabled employee (see the ratio? € 4800 to € 977).
  • Enter an order to custom sheltered workshop – this year of only € 869 (per disabled employee). It is even more preferable – in addition the company will save another € 108 ! And we will gladly help with the administration.

Sheltered workshops so give the added value to the company in the form of their products and / or services that are selected by the employer himself or his staff..

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