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Basic treatments

Mesotherapy - NEW ! (60min)Eyebrow forming small (5min)Eyelash forming (15min)Eyebrow coloring (15min)Permanent eyelash dye + coloring (45min)Surface cleaning (2min)Peeling (10min)Steaming (steaming) (15min)Steaming (softening) (20min)Picking of milia (10min)Cream (1min)Mask - different types (only in WELLNEA Senec)Face mask - various typesRegenerating serumTreatment for problem skin Tea Tree (only in WELLNEA Senec)Antioxidant treatment for skin off with Pomegranate (only in WELLNEA Senec)Deep cleaning basic (1hour)Deep cleaning - mask device (1,5hrs)

Facial Massage

Massage of the face, neck (20min)Massage the face, nec (30min)Micro-massage of the eye area (20min)

Special skin treatment

Solux (1min)Maig – thermal effects (only in WELLNEA Senec)


Hair removal upper lip, facial (5min)Hair Removal hands, shins, thighs (20min)Hair removal underarms and bikini line (5min)Depilation whole legs (35min)Hair removal chest (30min)Hair Removal shoulders (30min)Hair removal back (30min)

Complete beauty make up

Daily make up (30min)Evening make-up (30min)Festive Make-up (50min)

Extra cosmetic operations

Lengthening eyelashes (4hrs)Cavitation - removing fat cells by ultrasound (80min)The treating treatment - caviar + Massage (1hour)The treating treatment - caviar + cleaning (1,5hrs)Package PH balance (oral balance, PH strips ProBalance, tea figue activ, reishi plus) (30min)Package PH balance to support regeneration and Immunity (+colostrum) (30min)Package PH balance of the gut immune stimulator (+ colostrum and probiotics 12) (30min)Package weight loss (PH strips, colostrum, ProBalance, 12 probiotics, tea figue activ, plus reishi, figue drink, oral balance) (30min)

Other treatments

Pure Skin Treatment (only in WELLNEA Senec)Treatment Lift Age (only in WELLNEA Senec)Treatment of Cashmere (only in WELLNEA Senec)Treatment Thalasso (only in WELLNEA Senec)Pure Skin Treatment + cleaning + massage (only in WELLNEA Senec)Treatment Lift Age-cleaning and massage (only in WELLNEA Senec)Treatment Cashmere + cleaning + massage (only in WELLNEA Senec)Treatment Thalasso + cleaning + massage (only in WELLNEA Senec)Bioactive substances 10 drops (only in WELLNEA Senec)Manual Lymfodrainage (only in WELLNEA Senec)

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