Manicure and nail design WELLNEA

Handshake reveals a lot about you, especially in the first contact with the second person plays a dominant role in creating the first impression of you. Besides confidence inserted into your hand grip we have fine, feminine and modified hand.Nails say about your character. Let your body language speak for you.

Pedicure WELLNEA

Pedicure at us takes care of your feet, including skin care and toenails. Walking will become a breeze for you.


Relax in a comfortable atmosphere with relaxing music and aromatherapy. Renew your mental and physical strength for a busy day that you live.


Your skin speaks the language of health. Problems will be reflected right on it. Therefore, convince your surroundings of your beauty and health. We can deal with breaking skin, excessively oily or dry skin, we know the art of avoiding old age.

Cavitation WELLNEA

Cavitation is a novelty in the degradation of fat cells, also known as liposuction without a scalpel. The latest painless and high performance instrumentation method of weight loss eliminates fat cells that are difficult to remove by diet and exercise. Relieves the appearance of cellulite and models the posture.

Anti-cellulite treatments instrumentation WELLNEA

Do you suffer from cellulite, have visible veins and swelling, which are often making your life unpleasant? Do you have a problem with obesity or your veins after surgery? Are you pregnant and suffering from water retention swelling of the feet?


Swarovski crystals elegantly framed in silver will delight you or your close person as a nice gift.

Hairdresser’s WELLNEA (only at Senec)

Beautiful and healthy hair makes you a nice woman. They will help your inner beauty shine forth outside and stretch out your riches in order to get you noticed at first sight. We help your hair to better health through special courses of treatment for split or excessive falling hair.

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