Relax in a comfortable atmosphere with relaxing music and aromatherapy. Renew your mental and physical strength for a busy day that you live.

Relax and let yourself be soothed by any massage:

  • massage of back, neck, upper and lower limbs or whole body – relaxes stiff muscles, restore the normal functioning of the vascular system,
  • massage with gentle mobilization techniques – NEW !,
  • reflex massage of back, neck, feet – focusing on the reflex zones of internal organs and subsequent stimulation helps the overall reconstruction painless movement,
  • relaxing body massage – anti-stress massage helps especially powerful, busy, tired and exhausted people,
  • Wellnea body massage – relaxing massage with branded products SPA wellness elements enriched with aromatherapy
  • hot stone massage,
  • sports massage,
  • banking,
  • moxibustion,
  • manual lymphatic drainage limbs,
  • SM systemNEW ! (for more information please click here)
  • stretching – NEW ! (for more information please click here)

When massage is appropriate ?

  • motor system diseases
  • diseases of the muscular apparatus, tendons, fascia and spine deformations
  • conditions after injuries and operations on bones and joints
  • diseases of the nervous system
  • diseases of the digestive tract
  • diseases of the lower respiratory tract
  • convalescence – regeneration

When on the contrary massage is not suitable ?

  • against fever and infectious diseases
  • in acute inflammatory diseases and in failure of important functions
  • for skin infections and fungal diseases
  • immediately after a meal
  • the affected area after phlebitis and thrombosis
  • in diarrheal diseases and blood in the stool
  • two months after birth, do not perform massage the abdomen during menstruation
  • in the acute stage for diseases sensitive nerves – neuralgia and neuritis
  • at the tumor site, birthmarks and various growths on the skin that has investigated doctor

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