The SM system is a set of simple and effective exercises for Spine stabilization and mobilization.

It is a set of effective, simple exercises that are based on the activation of the muscle spirals. During a movement the muscles form chains and get linked to one another. This way the muscles contract the body circuit, push the spine into the central line the effect of which is the upward pressure. Which gets the spine into the traction and stretches the spine as well as the muscles.

Incorrect posture causes muscle disharmony which weakens the musculature. The effect of which is either muscle atrophy or contraction. This is exactly what the SM system fixes by means of theraputic or regenerational, physical exercises.
SM system renews the harmony in musculature which was lost.

  • loosens up overloaded musculature
  • stretches out shortened musculature
  • strengthens weakened muscles
  • gets the spine into traction, which regenerates the intervertebral discs and intervertebral
  • flattens scoliosis, hyperlordosis and kyphosis
  • regenerates the spine, shoulders, hip joints and knee joints
  • removes hallux a flat feet
  • eliminates headaches

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